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IETF Glossary

This page provides information about terms commonly used in the IETF.

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AD - Area Director

ADs are members of the IESG

Gen-ART - General Area Review Team

Gen-ART provides generalist reviews for the General Area director (currently the IETF Chair), providing an additional set of eyes for documents as they are being considered for publication.

IAD - IETF Administrative Director


OPS - Operations and Management Area


TSV - Transport Area

Special services for special packets 

INT - Internet Area

Different ways of moving IP packets and DNS information

GEN - General Area

Catch-all for WGs that don't fit in other areas (which is very few)

RTG - Routing Area

The Routing Area is responsible for ensuring continuous operation of the Internet routing system by maintaining the scalability and stability characteristics of the existing routing protocols, as well as developing new protocols, extensions, and bug fixes

SEC - Security Directorate

Secdir provides support to the IETF Security Area Directors. The group consists of the Working Group Chairs of the Security Area and selected individuals chosen for their technical knowledge in security and their willingness to work with other groups within the IETF to help provide security throughout IETF protocols.

ART - Applications and Real-Time Area

Protocols seen by user programs, such as email and the web, Delay-sensitive interpersonal communications. More information is here.

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