The IETF has various points of contact for different topics and issues.

Key Info

The IETF Administrative Director (IAD) has the day-to-day operational responsibility of providing fiscal and administrative support to the IETF through other activities, contractors and volunteers.

The IETF Secretariat provides support for IETF activities, including events 

The Internet Engineering Steering Group is directly responsible for the actions associated with entry into and movement along the Internet "standards track," including final approval of specifications as Internet Standards.

Interim IETF Administrative Director

Portia Wenze-Danley

The IETF Administrative Director (IAD) has the day-to-day operational responsibility of providing the fiscal and administrative support to the IETF through other activities, contractors and volunteers.

IETF Secretariat

c/o Association Management Solutions, LLC (AMS)
5177 Brandin Court
Fremont, California 94538
Phone: +1-510-492-4080
Fax: +1-510-492-4001

Below is a list of active e-mail addresses/links for use in contacting the IETF Secretariat® team. Please use these addresses/URLs for the indicated purposes only. Please do not copy the email addresses in correspondence unless your message includes a request for IETF Secretariat® support. To contact the IETF Executive Director, please send a message to


Meetings and Proceedings



  • For media inquiries and general information about the IETF.

Liaison and IPR Statements

Website Feedback

  • To report outdated or incorrect content on the IETF website (including broken links) at or to offer general suggestions on how site organization can be improved. 
  • See the website feedback page for additional information.

Other Problem Reports

  • To report technical problems (e.g. problems related to servers, mailing lists, archives, web tools, etc.) or to offer suggestions
  • Contact Form: To report difficulty sending email to IETF mailing lists and/or the Secretariat
  • Copyright infringement: Follow the guidelines on the linked page to report 
  • Ombudsteam: To report potential harassment

Encrypted Mail

To send encrypted email, you can use our PGP key and send to the email address in the key (encrypted at ietf dot org.) This is for credit card or other confidential information ONLY; other email must be sent to the appropriate addresses above.

PLEASE NOTE: The IETF, AMS (the IETF Secretariat), and other related bodies can not provide technical support to end users with respect to the configuration of email encryption, email transmission, or any other type of desktop support.  The presence of contact addresses and public keys on this website does not imply any type of support service availability. Users needing assistance in configuring their email clients or solving computer problems of any kind should contact their own IT personnel, the many reference materials for their mailers and/or encryption tools available elsewhere, or a professional paid computer support service.